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Payment Options & Instructions

Payment may be in the form of :
1. Cash
2. Check
3. Cash and Check
4. Deposit to the following PRM account through any Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branch nationwide: Current account no. 3371-0064-93
Please make checks payable to "Philippine Rotary Magazine Foundation, Inc.". Please issue checks included in local or regional clearing only. For Rotary clubs located outside of local or regional clearing areas, please pay in demand draft drawn on a Metro Manila branch of your bank.
For payments through Bank of the Philippine Islands, please write "Deposited by Rotary Club of _____________ " at the bottom of the deposit slip. Please immediately send the Club Subscription agreement with a copy of Bank of the Philippine Islands' validated deposit slip by fax to (02) 929-1912 (24 hrs.), to ensure that your payment is properly recorded.