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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the Philippine Rotary Magazine?
  A : The Philippine Rotary is the official regional magazine for Rotary Club members in the Philippines authorized by Rotary International. It is a member of the Rotary World Magazine Press. There are ten districts in the Philippines with about 700 Rotary clubs and 20,000 members (“Rotarians”). The magazine contains articles and features about Rotary in the Philippines and abroad. Guided by the editorial policies of Rotary International, it contains articles found in the current issue of The Rotarian, Rotary International’s official publication for all Rotarians worldwide, and articles and features of local (Philippine) interest. It is published by the Philippine Rotary Magazine Foundation, Inc. (PRMFI). The Editorial Board and Management Board consisting of volunteer Rotarians manage the editorial content and operations, respectively, of the magazine while a salaried editorial staff supports its operations. Funding comes from monthly and lifetime subscriptions of Rotary club members, sponsorships and advertisements.

What is the Philippine Rotary Magazine Foundation, Inc.?
  A : The Philippine Rotary Magazine Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit corporation which is the publisher of the Philippine Rotary Magazine effective Rotary year 2011-2012. Its board of trustees is composed of elected representatives from the ten Rotary districts in the Philippines, the immediate past chairman of the Philippine College of Rotary Governors (PCRG) who sits as its chairman, the Editor-in-chief and the incumbent chairman of the PCRG. The PCRG is an association of past, present and incoming Districts Governors, whose purpose is to promote close coordination and camaraderie among the ten Rotary Districts in the Philippines with the common goal of supporting the various programs, policies and objectives of Rotary International in the spirit of fellowship. A District Governor heads each Rotary district.

How will an article on our club project create an impact?
  A : The following guidelines will help you write Rotary stories that create the best impact :
• Tell WHAT happened, WHERE it happened, WHEN it happened, HOW it happened, WHY it happened, and WHO made it happen.
• Emphasize Human Interest. Example: Instead of reporting on a relief goods donation ceremony, focus instead on WHO benefitted from the donation or HOW it helped the community.
• Include comments and quotes from the beneficiaries, club members and other parties involved
• Submit with the article, several action photos instead of static or group-posing photos, WITH short captions.
• List the name of a contact person, phone / cellphone numbers and e-mail address in case of need for clarification or additional materials.
• Articles should be in MS Word format (150-200 words).
• Email the article and photos to PRM within 48 hours of the project completion so that details are still fresh.

What kind of pictures do you prefer?
  A : We need pictures that tell the story.
• The best images show action that have human interest and present a subject in an unusual way. Photographs that perfectly catch a moment are preferred. Your goal is to create an image that appears candid and natural.
• Please send pictures with clear faces and surroundings.
• For better impact, pictures should be in high resolution (300 pixels) preferably in “jpg” format.

Why has my/our submitted article not been published?
  A : Some articles do not see print because they lack details or given lower priority over other articles in the exercise of editorial prerogative, since we have a limited number of pages. Some articles are also mis-sent or are lost in transit. While some articles may be featured in future issues if space permits, we cannot guarantee publication.

Where and How do I send materials for publication?
  A : You can send your materials by mail, fax, messenger or e-mail to the following:
• Editor-in-Chief : PDG Melito S. Salazar, Jr.
• To the District Governor’s Representative to the Philippine Rotary Magazine (DGR-PRM)
• Our contact details are:
Philippine Rotary Magazine
87 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City 1100 Philippines
Tel. Nos. : 416-3800; 332-5729
Fax : 332-5729
Mobile : 0916-478-6570
E-mail :