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Please give us your comments about the Philippine Rotary Magazine's printed and online contents, recent articles and website, and your reaction to other comments. You may enter your comments at the bottom of this page. A posted Comment will be viewed after it is filtered. (Note : Offensive remarks or solicitations are not welcome and will not be uploaded.) We have preserved the comments posted since we started our website for posterity.

Thanks Gerard

posted by Ed Trinidad on 2006-05-22
Dear Gerard,Thank you very much for appreciating our website and our work. I hope you keep visiting our website and giving us suggestions on improving the website and the magazine.Your nice words keep us more inspired to keep doing better.More power to you, your spouse and your Rotary club.Ed Trinidad


posted by Gerard Rikken on 2006-04-28
Ed, I am absolutely delighted with this beautiful website of PRM. I bounced on it because I needed a picture of PDG Mar, who will be travelling to Davao and Tagum on the same flight as my spouse Remy. I am in Manila right now and have no copy of the magazine with me. Usually I bring That's why a tried my luck with the website.Keep up the great work.Gerard RikkenPast DGR-PRM District 3860


posted by PDG Sonny Ventura on 2006-04-04
Welcome to the new look of the Philippine Rotary Magazine website. We invite you to drop us a line or two. Happy navigating!For the PRM Editorial Board:PDG Juanito "Sonny" T. VenturaManaging Editor

Updating the PRM website

posted by PP Ed Trinidad, PRM Associate Editor on 2005-10-08
AG Raphy Tayco, Jr.RC Kalibo, D-3850 (Zone 4)Dear AG Raphy,Thank you for your kind words about our website. We are in the process of updating it so that it will be current.We also congratulate you for being one of our Lifetime Subscribers. We apologize for the wrong spelling of your name. Rest assured that your correct name will be indicated in our files and in the name label of your monthly copy of the PRM.Please invite others to visit our website and to also post a comment here. We appreciate your finding the time to get in touch with us. You may also send us an e-mail to you.Yours in Rotary,PP Ed Trinidad

First time

posted by AG Leonardo Raphael "Raphy" M. Tayco, Jr. on 2005-10-05
Greetings!This is my first time to visit PRM's web-site and find it quite impressive. However, i noticed that the last issue archived is still last May 2005 --- is there a way we can make our posting of PRM issues more current?Btw, I sent a separate e-mail regarding a correction in the mis-spelling of my name as found on the Provisional Receipt of my Lifetime Subscription.More power to the PRM!AG Raphy Tayco, Jr.RC Kalibo, D-3850 (Zone 4)

Dear Rtn. Henry R. Onia

posted by Philippine Rotary Magazine on 2005-01-20
Dear sir,Thank you that you post a comment in our website.The Problem is that our courier send the magazine back to us. Is this the right Address? CP Garcia St. Alaminos City, Pangasinan

PRM issues

posted by Rtn Henry R. Onia on 2004-11-10
The RC Hundred Islands have not received its copies of the PRM for the months of August to October, 2004.

Happy Memories!

posted by Ann Carlson on 2004-11-01
I was delighted to find your on-line magazine today. Back in early 2000, I visited District 3830 as GSE leader from District 7930 (Boston). My team--Stephen Bagley, Erica Noonan, Tali Rausch and Myoko Costello--a wonderful group of 4 young professionals, and I spent 4 unforgettable weeks with Rotarians all over Metro Manila. Governor Guiller Tumangan and his team, plus all our host families, gave us the exchange of a lifetime. That experience ignited my commitment to Rotary. I have gone on to serve as club president (2002-03), GSE incoming team chair, district grants subcommittee chair, and am now in my second term as assistant governor. Warm greetings to all.

New subscription rates

posted by PDG Sonny Ventura on 2004-08-16
Dear Subscriber,Please be informed that our subscription rate has increased from P40.00 per copy to P45.00 per copy effective August 1, 2004. Lifetime subscriptions also increased from P5,000 to P5,500 effective the same date.You may use the subscription form in this website to subsribe or call us at our office at (632) 453-3800.PDG Sonny VenturaManaging Editor

welcome to our refurbished website

posted by Ed Trinidad on 2004-08-16
Dear subscribers and visitors,Welcome to this newly refurbished website of the Philippine Rotary Magazine. We hope you make use of the interactive features of this website for your subscription needs and inquiries.We also welcome any comment.Yours in Rotary,PP Ed TrinidadAssociate Editor

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