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February 2010

About the cover:
“With God’s Help We Will Overcome This Calamity”, declared District Governor Rudy San Felipe as he called on his Visionary Team and all the Rotary Clubs to initiate their own relief operations for the towns and cities devastated by Typhoon Ondoy, many of which come from District 3800. We opted to feature the Typhoon Ondoy relief efforts on the cover of this sponsored issue of the Philippine Rotary Magazine to pay tribute to the Rotarian men and women of District 3800, who, inspite of being victims themselves, went out of their way to help those in need. In the true spirit of Rotary’s “Service Above Self” the Rotarians led by DG Rudy and DGL Edith started the arduous task of relief, recovery and rehabilitation. After several months of hard work, help from Rotary International, other Rotary districts, Rotary communities and the whole Family of Rotary and with prayers, we were able to make life better for the vicitms; proof that we can overcome almost anything if we put our fate and future in Rotary’s hands.

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