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December 2003

About the cover:
RI District 3860 is a haven of heavenly pristine, God-created natural sights punctuated all over the cast domain of Visayas and Mindanao. Many of the more known tourist spots in Cebu and Davao are prime and tested destinations of local and foreign guests. But District 3860 has more to offer in the less visited hinterlands. Our cover, TINUY-AN FALLS majestically cascades in the primordial forests of Burboanan, Bislig City - Surigao del Sur and is now waiting to be discovered by more nature lovers. Bislig City Mayor Florencio C. Garay, a staunch friend of Rotary, has made sure that the improved infrastructure to the site will bring this Niagara-like wonder closer to tourists and generate livelihood opportunities to the people of Bislig City. Photo by PE Jun Osano.

Table of Contents:
From the Editor..
Finding the Way Home
Ensuring Rotary's Growth
Why I give to TRF and Why we all must
Rotarians also Laugh
Meet RI District 3860 Governor Roberto "Bert" A Dormendo
Other Sections:
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