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History of RI District 3790

Our story properly begins in 1905, when Paul Harris organized the first Rotary club is Chicago. True to his character, Paul Harris, the founder, became president of the club on its third year (1907), and he started to work on extending Rotary to San Francisco… Oakland… Seattle… Los Angeles… New York… Boston... Portland… and so on.

In 1910 – after only 5 years – the First National Congress, with 16 clubs (1800 members), was held in Chicago. There were 29 delegates. On November 3 that year, RC Winnipeg (Canada) became the first club outside the US - making Rotary an “International” organization… and it started to cross the oceans to spread in Europe and other countries.
1919 – Leo J. Lambert wrote John Poole (the president of the International Assn. of Rotary clubs) on the possibility of organizing a Rotary club in Manila. Roger D. Pinneo of RC Seattle was sent to Manila to help organize… and on June 1, 1919 the Rotary Club of Manila became the first club in Asia with 38 members – 2 Filipinos (Gabriel Lao and Gregorio Nieva, and Chinese (Alfonso Sycip) and 35 Americans.

Thirteen years later, in 1932, the Rotary Club of Cebu was chartered… followed by RC Iloilo as the third club in 1933. The three clubs, called Non-district Clubs, were directly supervised by the RI President and Board of Directors. Incidentally – the practice of districting under a governor started in 1915 by the 6th Convention in San Francisco.
In 1936 – District 81 was created for eleven clubs in China and Hongkong with the 3 clubs in the Philippines. The governor was Chengting T. Wong of Shanghai. The following year, the district was re-numbered 96, with Fong See of Shanghai as governor. RC Bacolod was chartered.

RI District 81 was re-created for the Philippines with George Malcolm as appointed governor. 3 new clubs (Baguio, Dagupan and Davao) were chartered making a total of 8 clubs. World War II broke out in 1940 and all clubs in the Philippines was disbanded due to the hostilities. Theodore L. Hall was governor.

The war ended in 1945 – and Dagupan was the first club re-admitted to RI… then came Manila, etc. District 81 was re-established with Theodore L. Hall as appointed governor. Gil C. Puyat was appointed First Filipino District Governor in 1946-47… RC Tarlac was admitted as the first new club after the war. RC Bacolod, Baguio, Cebu and Davao were re-admitted – making a total of 7 clubs with 186 Rotarians. The practice of electing district governors was institutionalized.
Marianito F. Lichuaco of Dagupan was the first elected governor for 1947-48. He was followed by Benjamin Gaston (Bacolod) and Emilio Javier (Manila). District 81 become District 48 in 1950-51 with Fernando Manalo of Baguio as governor – with 22 clubs with 834 Rotarians. Marianito Tinio of Cabanatuan was the last governor of District 48… this was re-numbered 385 under Governor Hermando Pineda of Cagayan de Oro, with 35 clubs, 1300 Rotarians.

In 1963-64, Alfonso Oboza of Davao was the last governor of the whole Philippines as one district… it was divided into District 380 (Luzon, Mindanao and Palawan) with Mat Caparas of Caloocan as first governor with 29 clubs, and District 385 (Visayas & Mindanao) with 33 clubs, and Leonardo Gallardo of Bacolod as governor.

In 1976-77 – District 380 had over 80 clubs (3,000 Rotarians) and Jun Tambunting was governor… and this was split into 380 and 382. RC Angeles and Central Tarlac were charted. Ernani V. Certeza was first governor of the new District 380 (North of the Pasig River) with 44 clubs and over 1500 Rotarians.

1982-83 – with 86 clubs and over 2,000 Rotarians – then Gov. Mar Un Ocampo starterd the ground work for the split… made effective by Gov. Mike Ampil in 1983-84 – into 379 (North Western provinces from Pampanga to Ilocos Norte). Since then, the following seated as governor of 379 (later 3790):

1984-1985 – Carlos “Carling” G. Santiago, Jr. of Baguio
1986-1986 – Ruben “Ben” G. Henson, Sr. of Angeles
1986-1987 – Ricardo “Ric” O. Hipolito of Tarlac
1987-1988 – Cesario “Ces” C. Mendoza of San Fernando (LU)
1988-1989 – Rodolfo “Rudy” N. San Juan of Urdaneta
1989-1990 – Adelino “Adel” T. Lugue of Apalit
1990-1991 – Renato “Ever” B. Lozada of Dagupan
1991-1992 – Carmelo “Melo” S. Narciso of Angeles
1992-1993 – Jesus “Jess” T. Lindayag of Olongapo
1993-1994 – Roberto “Bobby” T. Legaspi of Baguio North
1994-1995 – Jesus “Jess” Cano Chua of Midtown Tarlac
1995-1996 – Nelson Y. Yuchongtian of Dagupan East
1996-1997 – Lutgardo “Lut” M. Lao of Baguio North
1997-1998 – Emiliano “Bong” D. Joven of Dolores
1998-1999 – Jose Antonio “Tony” Y. Angeles of Angeles Kuliat
1999-2000 – Albino “Alvin” V. Gonzales of Downtown Dagupan
2000-2001 – Benigno Julian “Benny” S. Uy of Metro Angeles
2001-2002 – Marquez “Mark” O. Go of Baguio North
2002-2003 – Edmyr “Macky” M. Macabulos of Western Pampanga
2003-2004 – Vitt O. Gutierrez – Metro Olongapo
Already chosen governor :
2004-2005 – John Paul Jaypee Cadaing – Midtown Tarlac
2005-2006 – Gerpy Erquiza – Dagupan East.

Other past governors who came from clubs in District 3790 (as now constituted) are: Rodolfo Nisce of San Fernando LU (1966-67), Ruben Roxas of Tarlac (1974-75), Romeo Galang of San Fernando P. (1979-80), and Jesus C. Tabora of San Fernando LU (1981-82).

PDGs with current RI appointments:
• PDG Bong Joven - District 3790 Representative to the Council on Legislation
* PDG Mark Go - Membership Zone Coordinator, Zone 7
- RY 2004-2005 RI President’s Representative to District 3870

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