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From the Editor

We resign ourselves - with difficulty - to the pressures of economic reality! Costs are continuously rising …aggravated by the ever growing arrearages…we are constrained to finally ask the Editorial Board to approve a slight increase in our subscription rates – to PhP540.00 per year (from PhP480.00), effective July 2004. This means PhP45.00 per copy…still very much lower than the US$1.00 per issue of The Rotarian. We shall review this after one year, and depending on how the clubs cooperate (by paying promptly) – we may ask for another adjustment. Rates for Lifetime Subscription will also go up slightly…to PhP5,500.00 only. And then, we shall have to adjust our advertising rates…and the cost of sponsoring an issue. All to start on August 1, 2004, to give the new presidents time to adjust.

In return, we promise a better magazine. As our increased rates take effect, we have also programmed improvements in the PRM – gradually and by stages. Starting next year, you will begin to notice startling changes in our format…maybe in the quality of paper…or more color…or more pages. As long as we can keep our heads “above water” – we shall go on to make PRM worth your money!

Our next crop of governors are truly cooperative. in varying degrees. We called on them to choose their DGR-PRM and send us their write-up for our August 2004 issue, where we traditionally feature the incumbent governors. The oldest among them was the fastest to respond. Governor Vino – we salute you!

So far, we have been invited to the District Conferences of 3770, 3780, 3800, 3820, 3830, and 3870 …so we could promote the PRM. We personally attended 3800 where we have the least amount of arrearages – thanks to PDG Lina Aurelio…3830 where Governor Jun Cortes promises to have all arrearages settled before his term ends…and 3870 where Governor Romy Millan promised 100% club subscriptions.

Nothing beats the pomp and splendor of DISCONs in Metro Manila...but there’s always something quaint and interesting in the provinces where the ingenuity of Rotarians are challenged by shortness of modern facilities. 3870 solved the lack of airconditioning by placing blocks of ice in front of giant electric fans…that cooled the gym somehow! Plus…they used the containers of the ice as coolers for the softdrinks and bottled water! In spite of the slight inconvenience – PDG Mark Go, who represented the RI President, came out with flying colors. His speeches were well received and applauded.

We can not leave the subject of Cotabato without mentioning some special people. PP Al Senturias of Midsayap started off by paying his club’s account to the PRM…saying he can’t allow his club to be suspended, as his wife was the incoming president! PP Albert Uy and Spouse Lily have been our hosts in Cotabato several times…Albert is not in the pink of health, but he hosted us to lunch in his palatial residence. And DGE Joe Nebrao committed to continue (even improve) the total support of Governor Romy for PRM. Thanks to all of you out there…

From the airport, we caught the tail-end of 3830 DISCON to honor the kind invitation of Gov. Jun Cortes. We came in just before the speech of RIPD Paing Hechanova…and were pleasantly surprised to hear one of our favorite quotations toward the end of his talk on the Rotary Foundation. Thank you, Director Paing…you made our day!

For the first time - and finally - our own District 3790 is sponsoring this issue of the magazine! Thanks so much to Governor Vitt O. Gutierrez and DGR-PRM Mong Cañizares who made this possible. We know that this is not because Governor Vitt is our nephew, and the first in the second generation of our clan to be governor!

Our thanks to PDG Bimbo Salazar – the first Lifetime Subscriber Family of PRM – Governor Bimbo… what can we ever do without you?

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